A Yuri Story About A Girl Who Insists "it's Impossible For Two Girls To Get Together" Completely Falling Within 100 Days
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  • A Yuri Story in Which a Girl Who Says That Girls Being Together is Unbelievable Will Completely Fall Within 100 Days ; Arioto ; Onna Doushi to ka Arienai deshou to Iiharu Onna no ko wo, Hyakunichi kan de Tetteiteki ni Otosu Yuri no Ohanashi ; 女同士とかありえないでしょと言い張る女の子を、百日間で徹底的に落とす百合のお話 ; ありおと ; 将放言说女生之间不可能的女孩子、在百日之内彻底攻陷的百合故事 ; 將放言說女生之間不可能的女孩子、在百日之內徹底攻陷的百合故事 ; Jiāng fàngyán shuō nǚshēng zhī jiān bù kěnéng de nǚ háizi, zài bǎi rì zhī nèi chèdǐ gōngxiàn de bǎihé gùshì
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  • 3M
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"It's impossible for two girls to date, after all." One day, Marika Sakakibara, a popular high school girl, is suddenly shown a million yen by the cool, beautiful, Aya Fuwa. "I'll buy you. Ten thousand yen a day for one hundred days. Why don't you try it? See just how 'impossible' it is between two girls." "…Huh? Huuhhhh?" So begins their daily afterschool time. From gently stroking breasts and holding hands, every day, Fuwa's actions begin to escalate!! And, after one hundred days, will Marika really still be able to proclaim that "It's impossible!"? (She will not.)
Jul 26,23
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