Henkyou No Yakushi, Miyako De S Rank Boukensha To Naru
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  • The Healer Ditches the Boonies to Become an S-Rank Adventurer: The Boy from the Hero’s Village Doesn’t Know His Cheat Medicine Is Unrivaled ; 辺境の薬師、都でSランク冒険者となる~パワハラ婚約者に浮気された俺、絶縁して村を出る。奈落の森で鍛えた規格外の状態異常スキルと世界最高の治癒術で無双し、大成する。今更泣きつかれても戻りません
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Leaf has been enjoying a peaceful life in his village at the farthest end of the country, but everything gets turned upside down when his fiancée betrays him, robbing him of his home, work, and everything he cherishes. Wandering around, lost on what to do next, he encounters a distinguished lady in peril who will change his life forever! Using the cheat-like power of medicine and drugs the world scoffs at, Leaf now begins his journey to become the almighty healer! "