Ike Reibun

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Ryou's parents got separated when he was just a little child. The last time he saw his father was just like looking at an older brother. He has been living with his mother since then, but the time has comed to visit his old man. Surprised at first that he still looks very young, Ryou start thinking a lot of the past. But what will happen to him when time tricks him and he gets to live in the past?
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Kabu has finally succeeded his father, but with Shao Chen still alive and out to destroy the Umezaki group, the situation around Nirasawa and Kabu is heating up.
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Includes:- Bi no Kyoujin: X Side (3 parts + full color extra)Kobi no Kyoujin extra stories. First episode takes place 3 years after Nirasawa meet Kabu for the first time.- Bi no Kyoujin: KOUKI Side- Science room (Rikashitsu from Pink Gold 2)- Akanawa (Pink Gold 3)- Not equal - extra chapter
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1) Bi no IsuKabu and Nirasawa have a troubled relationship, to say the least. Harsh yakuza lifestyle, torture, and violent sex are everyday occurrences for the volatile couple.2-3) Anya no TsubuteSequel to Bi no Isu4) Tokage to ChutsugaiEmiri is impotent, thanks to his trauma of being molested by his childhood friend, Fuyu. Years later, Emiri is finally seeking treatment for his condition, but why is Fuyu wearing that white coat?! And why is the nurse's skirt so short?5) Seiritsu Shinai AsaWhat will happen years later when senpai and kouhai meet again? Is loving someone that frightening?
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Keiji's hometown is a bit weird, and among the strange customs is the funeral each person has for themselves when they turn 33. He's come back for the "funeral" of his former best friend Hakuga, but being back is bringing back memories of his relationship with Hakuga, and the feelings he never thought he'd have to deal with again.
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While Graham appears cold and stern on the outside, he has quite a salacious affair with one of the butlers, Alex. Is Alex just a toy or will the unflappable countenance crack when someone else threatens to claim Alex?
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Kabu was told by his father, that he is going to succeed the Umezaki group, but he is hesitant to do so. On the other hand, Sagawa, who is regarded as the successor of the group by everyone else, tests Kabu’s loyalty by giving him an ultimatum, to give up his company or Nirasawa. For Kabu, Nirasawa is not only a convenient pawn, but at the same time he’s a lover, that has captivated him with his unexpected cuteness. Will Kabu really send Nirasawa away…!? This story takes place 4 years after the events of Bi no Isu.
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1) No.99: Ningen OmochaThe Marquis Banford and his wife die in tragic circumstances leaving Graham, their butler, with the heavy burden of raising their sole heir, Leonard. Leonard is young and Graham chooses to raise him in a selfish and unrestrained manner. Anything he wishes, his butler will grant. One day Graham returns to the castle with another rare toy for his master. The 99th toy to be presented to Leonard. A human toy.2) Ougon Shima (The Golden Island)On an island where young boys are building a wing for a giant crow, two boys deal with their feelings for each other.3) Ou to Majin to Mahoutsukai (The Prince, the Devil and the Wizard)Long ago, in a country called Arabia, a beautiful young man stole a mirror from a magician. There is a catch, however; this mirror possesses the power of the devil and whoever holds it will face a life of misery. What will happen when a young magician tries to steal the mirror back?
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One pervy little boy.
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What started as a burglary at an art gallery ended up with more than just a painting being stolen, but also the feelings of those involved. And when that stolen painting happened to be the masterpiece of a young artist named Kagawa Setsuyou, gallery owner Andou finds himself the victim of the eccentric artist's whims. Taking place deep in the woods, with just the two of them alone together in an ancient gallery... Ike paints breathtakingly passionate scenes that readers are sure to enjoy.
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What will happen years later when senpai and kouhai meet again? Is loving someone that frightening? A sweet one-shot from the lovely Ike-sensei.
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Coarse guy Maki is invited out once a month by childhood friend, elegant businessman Sugimoto Shinji. Maki always feels a little uncomfortable at the fancy places Shinji takes him too, but he goes anyway. He knows that Shinji's had a crush on him for a long time, and though Maki is straight lately he's been getting annoyed whenever Shinji talks about his boyfriends...
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A young man, interested in doing research on urban regeneration to help repair his dystopian sci-fi future, comes to work for the genius Doctor Ginkaku, only to find he's retired from the the country's research institution and taken up... super-elaborate sex toy development? What's more, he needs a guinea pig.
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From Bakeneko Scanlations:
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1. Teirui MakuraPopular honor student little brother, Yuua, and his kind older brother, Seigo. One step ahead in the puberty department, Seigo tries to put a little distance between him and his cute little brother. However, the innocent little brother is to blame with his defenseless skinship. Finally, Seigo's lust consumes him and he can't endure anymore. Once Yuua accepted that idea, his desire to be attached to his brother grew stronger every day.2-3. Finger Biting, The Moon's Colorful Person4. Choroize! JigokuA constant failure at job interviews thanks to his scary expression, Danda's employment agent sends him on a rather unusual assignment.5. Loup-Garou Gokou extraA short extra to Loup-Garou Gokou, chapter 9 in Hide and Seek.6. Natsu ni Shini Yuku Monogatari (Dangerous Symphony)Rock and Homero live in a world, where all kinds of laws restrict people and you can get arrested for the simplest things. Naturally, being love with another man is frowned upon.
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One pervy little boy.