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While waiting for her friends on the street one day, university freshman and band music enthusiast Do Ahyeon reunites with former high school classmate Lee Haerang, who's now... the vocalist of a band? Having only hung out with Haerang once during high school to see a live show together, Ahyeon still has some unanswered questions about him... Why did he drop out of school after the show? How did he end up in a band? But most importantly, what does he think of her? / Faberose / Pave rose
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Bad Senior / !Lily is only attracted to bad guys and has never dated anyone in real life. While waiting for a bad guy and rejecting all the good guys who approaches her, she meets Hyun-woo, the school's top trash senior. Lily goes straight to Hyun-woo, her ideal type for a thousand years, but Hyun-woo's reaction is cold and painful. She experienced this all by herself and it's rather good?!