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Woori is heartbroken when she finds out that her favorite character Lancelot dies tragically in the novel “The Flower Raised her Sword.” She knows too well that the butler suffered from his one-sided love for the heroine Charlotte and even gave his life to avenge her death. So when Woori wakes up in Charlotte’s body, she’s determined to steer sweet Lancelot away from his miserable fate. But with the original Charlotte making a reappearance, as well as the villainous Duke Vestia, things might not be so simple after all. Can Woori guide Lancelot to his happy ending without revealing her true identity?Source of collecting images:bato.to/series/79916Resources:page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=55253524tappytoon.com/en/comics/ladys-butler
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Years after losing his first love, Sina, to another man, Geonwoo is out for revenge. He's gone from rags to riches, but finds out that she's drowning in debt; it's the perfect chance to get her back with his wealth and power. After tricking Sina into signing a binding contract, Geonwoo hires her as his housekeeper. What exactly do his secret plans entail, and will the two be able to rekindle their once dream-like romance?
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“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”When shy and timid Eunseo was forced to transfer to the elite Stella Academy of the Arts, she expected lonely school days filled with cutthroat competition. So she’s taken by surprise when the free-spirited Ina takes a sudden liking to her. The two girls become closer as they secretly meet on the rooftop after classes, and Eunseo’s friendly admiration grows into something more. Luckily, Ina returns her feelings as well… but they seem to border on a dark obsession that grows larger by the day. What will happen when Eunseo discovers the hidden reason behind Ina’s mysterious love?
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From NetComics: Mazda Hun is a soldier caught in a web of political and military struggles beyond his comprehension. Captured by the government, they sentence him to Lethe. Society doesn't believe in the death penalty anymore. They've modernized the paradigm of punishment. Lethe has many names: mercy, treatment, repair, reformation and rehabilitation. Some even call it justice. The Lethe procedure inflicts no pain and is over quickly, but its victims consider it a fate worse than death. Lethe is the execution of a person's soul. They make room for a new personality that will remember nothing of the old. Those who undergo the process don't seem quite human ever again. And Mazda Hun's time is running out fast.
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Da-ae’s past and present is filled with dirty little secrets. It was about time someone noticed. The only problem is Gitae, the minister’s son, is not your ordinary someone. He gathers all the people that suffered from Da-ae’s dirty acts and starts the road to her redemption. Original webtoon http://www.lezhin.com/ko/comic/punish
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The girl that the protagonist is in love with was attacked by a rapist. However, the protagonist couldn't save the girl and even lost his own life in the struggle. He found himself in the hospital of hades (the other world) after his death and met a strange doctor in that place. The doctor made an offer to him. He will be given a chance to revive and return to the human world if he makes a contract with the doctor... What will he choose, and what exactly is this contract?
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In a world where every land strives for power, two Wakis named Chado and Poky, traveling aboard a flying boat, accidentally land on a very dangerous island. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into a huge universe!
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Youngjin joined a Role-playing Game so he could talk to his crush. Who would’ve thought that he’d be his crush’s in-game lover? How long would he keep up the pretense?
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What if you could talk to your favorite fictional character every day? And what if they make you feel like the most special person in the world? “Good morning,” “I was thinking about you,” “Sweet dreams,” “See you tomorrow”... Some fans dive into their TV/movie/book obsessions on social media by interacting with accounts that take on the persona of their favorite characters. But what if the person behind that fictional account is actually...the very star who played that role?
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Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat... We will eat delicious food well ♡ (Ah, I'm glad I'm alive!!!)A delicious mouthful that will fill your everyday with happiness!
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Seohwa finally gets hired at the best mattress company in the country, but its CEO, Cheolsu Gam, turns out to be a sleep demon who hasn't been able to sleep for 600 years! Upon meeting, he suspects that she's his human partner - the only person who can make him fall asleep and allow him to return to the demon world. It's strictly business, but there's undeniable chemistry between the two of them. Will he be able to go back to the demon world, or will her sudden inability to sleep thwart their destiny?
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On the first day of his transfer, Gyu-tae fell in love with Seok, who greeted him warmly. He dreams of a "real" first love story with him, but soon he hears a bolt from the blue. "I think men who are not virgins should die". Shocked by Seok's strange love philosophy, Gyutae, who had been in a crush for years, one day witnessed Seok receiving a ring from another man...
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The male lead from a romance-fantasy novel, he's a war fanatic. People call him Demon', a nickname filled with awe and fear. And I reincarnated as his wife. If there's a problem is that as soon as the original work starts, I was murdered as the Wicked Previous Wife' together with my own blood-related daughter. My daughter that's slated to die with me is a 5-years-old kid who's boundlessly cute, while my husband is good-looking but scary. I tried this and that to fix my bad-personality husband. But for me who isn't the female lead, fixing his personality is impossible. All right! First, I'm going to take my daughter and run away. Let's think about the future after. / I Took My Warmonger Husband's Child
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A terrorist attack on a date?!In the year 2099, science has advanced beyond belief. Jane, the school's resident loser and daughter of the world's leading robotics engineer, finally lands a date with her crush on New Year's Eve. But her world is turned upside down when terror strikes, and she discovers the truth about her past.