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Nishimori Tooru (31), an unattractive office worker, is married to the most beautiful woman in the company, Mika-san. From an outsider's point of view, they would be envious of him. However, he has a secret he cannot tell anyone about. The only female he knows is Mika, but Mika had known lots of other men. Because he loves her, he is bothered by this fact. "It's not possible, and it will never come true..." After falling off the train tracks, a miracle occurred. This is a twisted but a youthful and pure love story about he who longs for his wife's virginity.
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The story of a guy and his faceless girlfriend.
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Nakayama Ryouhei, who works at a run-down factory, sets out on a journey to accomplish the things he has left undone in his life! And by his side is an innocent girl... This is the greatest and final story of a man who has never made a decision for himself and a troubled runaway girl!! An indie masterpiece that gained popularity has evolved and is now being serialized!!
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Takuya was dumped by his childhood friend, who had been dating with him for 6 years. Then, he was contacted by Naoki, his EX's little brother.