Yumachi Shin

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I'm Haru. first year in high school. Please listen to my troubles. I accidentally gave my love letter to the number one problem child at school, Seishirou-kun… Even though I told him to give it back, he won't. He says I'm already his girlfriend…He'll chase me down if he sees me at school, he takes my lunch, keeps his eye on me, and e-even kisses me…Ah and doing perverted stuff…!! And he's also living at my place…. I'm definitely not his girlfriend, so please let me go already!!!
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Six Affairs in the Office: Kedamono wa Shinshoku Suru summary is updating. Come visit MangaNato.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Six Affairs in the Office: Kedamono wa Shinshoku Suru. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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From Intercross:Prelude to the oneshot Kimi Machi Bus (in Koi ni Naru Made)
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From Intercross:Mami was confessed to by a delinquent, Masamune. At first she thought he was a scary guy but found his reactions quite cute. How can she get this bad boy to become more lovey-dovey??
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From Chibi Manga:I've always, always longed for this. Fancy gossip with friends. And my first love. The girl who thinks this, Ayumu, met the sparkling boy Kanata. When she sees him, her heart beats fast and her chest feels tight. These feelings... is that love?Also includes two other stories:• Love Ego• Katakoi Iro
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Collection of short stories:• Koi ni Naru madeI thought that I'd never ever fall in love with him!! And yet... (>_
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Tamami is shy, clumsy and slow at everything. Everybody around her and Tamami herself think that she is good for nothing. That’s why Tamami can’t believe that Mitsui-kun, cool and good-looking guy from her class, likes her. It must be some kind of misunderstanding. Or is it not?
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Compilation of short stories:• Tabetai HitoYuu carries the torch for her childhood friend Kyoshi; but he is a handsome player that always treats her as a child...• Mitsuiro no HoukagoThe shy class representative Saetsuki watches the popular Koyano from afar. One day the teacher asks Saetsuki to help him with his studies, and when they are alone in the classroom he suddenly kisses her. What are his intentions?• Hazushite yoKinoshita has long admired Yamashita, especially his smile when he sees his girlfriend. Now she overhears Yamashita's girlfriend breaking up with him. The next day she is close by Yamashita when he meets his old girlfriend with her new boyfriend. To hide his embarrassment, Yamashita grabs hold of Kinoshita and kisses her. What will happen next?• Mado Goshi ni, Koi Shita (Mado Goshi no Ichimoku Hore no Koi)The very shy Fumiko from the normal classes sees the cool Mibu from the advanced classes leaning out a window. Their eyes meet... Will Fumiko be able to overcome her shyness and show Mibu how she feels?
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From Jshoujo Scans:"When I think of you, I can't soften my heartbeat, and I have the urge to cry out loud---"The "Mighty Ice Prince" Hirano, who can do everything just perfectly, confessed to Koito.However Koito, who is capable of doing everything clumsily, never thought Hirano's confession was serious...? This story is about all the first times Koito and Hirano experience together.
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This is a summary from Alice Dreams :Ever since elementary school, Sakura has been tormented by her classmate, Kou. He teases her and calls her ugly. He totally hates her! However, now Sakura discovers this may not be true after all when one day, Kou kisses her! What is he thinking!?
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Cheese! Anthology with one-shots from various mangakas:KITAGAWA Miyuki - Hoshi sae mo Nemuru YoruSHIMAKI Ako - No Panties Musume : first extra from volume 2 of Boku ni Natta WatashiKASUGA Akane - Tomodachi Shikkaku: Riku is the prince of the school. Cute, kind, athletic...a perfect prince. If only she wasn't a girl!!!! On top of that she gets hassled by Sugisaki for grabbing the attention of the school's female body. Loved by girls as a prince and hated by guys..will she ever find love? (Note* NO YURI)YUMACHI Shin- Koi no Neiro: Chizu is an innocent little high school girl. She's living life as a normal girl and is happy. There is only one problem. The boy she FEARS MOST is in her same class!! He's always so mean to her for no reason at all? Is it hate? Or...?SAKURADA Hina - Yuuwaku Lesson ItashimashoYAMADA Komomo- Platonic Porno: Yuna is the most popular girl in school. Girls worship her and ask her for love advice. Yuna always gives perfectly worded grown up advice. Boys are too timid to ask out such an expert in love and dare not approach her. But she's never had a boyfriend before!!! Everyone thinks she's VERY experienced, but she actually has 0 experience. Since she loves helping out others in their love lives she secretly reads ecchi books to give her inspiration. But what happens when she's caught? By the author of her ecchi novels himself!!!
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From WoC Scans and Covenant of Darkness:Story 01: After School Wedding (Houka go uedingu) by SHINJO MayuHana is a jealous wife, and Ryuki is her hot-shot-model husband. The thing is, he's also her teacher at her high school!! Both struggle to manage their love and life while keeping their relationship a secret from the rest of the school. Also scanlated as a oneshot by Tenshi-Tachi.Story 02: Platinum Talk (Purachina Tooku) by DOUMOTO NaoStory 03: Close Distance Love (Kin Kyori Ren Ai) by YAMADA KomomoStory 04: Until I fall in love (Koi Ni Naru Ma De) by YUMACHI ShinStory 05: In Love for 10 Years (10 Nen, Koi Shita) by OSAKABE Mashin
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From Chibi Manga: Aira's high school classmate, Kojika Ichita is violent, scary and hard to get close to. but, under a circumstances, aira and ichita is now staying under the same roof!! furthermore, when ichita's switch is turned on, he will transformed into a wolf...!?
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Summary from Manga Abyss : My name is Kohinata An. My parents went overseas to work and left me to live with my grandma. However, she was hospitalized all of a sudden, leaving me as the manager of her lodging house! Furthermore, there are three cool guys lodging there! Ba-dump. Ba-dump. But one of these three guys, Ryuu-kun, seems to hate me for some reason... What for--?!
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"Let's be lovers when we grow up."It was a promise between Mitsuru, a boy next door, and me. One day, Mitsuru transfers to my high school! And he has a twin brother, Ryo. Then, Ryo kisses me unexpectedly...!?
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From: Alice Dreams :Sai has always been the most popular playboy in town. He won't pay special attention to anyone he's not with, at least that's what she thought until he suddenly kissed her one day. What does he really want?!