• 4.51
  • 326
  • 1.7M
Student Wu Mian accidentally obtained a mask. Once you wear it, everyone will agree with whatever you say or do. Even then, he has no courage to confess to a girl that he secretly loves. Until an incident completely changes his whole life…
  • 2.55
  • 538
  • 9.6M
"You got wet from watching other people have sex… You're surprisingly lewd." My sinful body is coming from my sleeping sister's boyfriend's touch…
  • 3.56
  • 18
  • 289K
Strange stories from around the world
  • 3.94
  • 18
  • 236.1K
A neighbourhood that often have cases of strange and mysterious occurrences. Behind these series of cases, there underlying secrets waiting to be discovered. Is it because of the evil spirits that are roaming around? Or is it because the ghosts that are turning malicious as time goes by? Or is it because of a grudge that had been held on for ions on end? There is, however, a solution to these series of events. “Love”. You heard it right. The solution is love. Experience the most heartwarming, horror comic with “Suspicious Myster”!
  • 4.48
  • 141
  • 1M
Hui Woo doesn't have much going for him in his boring teen life, except for an addiction to social media. That puts him in place to document his surroundings… including the moment when said surroundings go nuts.
  • 4.19
  • 31
  • 611.5K
Many mythical and ghastly tales have spread throughout the 5000 long years of Chinese history. These stories might feature mythical creatures or terrifying beasts, sing praises to the Gods or whisper of the Devil. Some were recorded in the official history books, others penned by poets or sung in songs, or even passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth. These stories form a unique, eerie feature of Chinese history, and now, in the people's everyday lives, such unnatural, logically unacceptable yet strangely believable stories and incidents are still happening…
  • 4.53
  • 215
  • 3.2M
A power struggle, strife, and betrayal in Hell58, an island of the weak and strong.Can the main character, a commoner, find hope and escape from this hellish island?
  • 4.13
  • 179
  • 1.4M
Lost You Forever summary is updating. Come visit MangaNato.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Lost You Forever. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
  • 3.15
  • 129
  • 2.7M
A young man named Hope lived a life without hope. Unemployment, break up, unimportant, family debt... When he was finally pushed by the despair in life to jump off a building and end his life, his phone strangely received a 30 seconds countdown timer. When the countdown finished, strange things happened...
  • 4.51
  • 684
  • 3.2M
The main character, Su Qi, dies and crosses over to Los Angeles and becomes a high school student. Due to his otherworldly muse, he finds himself surrounded by a variety of spirits and demons. In order to survive and not be eaten by the spirits or have a mental breakdown, the hero embarks on a journey of becoming a god and exploring the mysterious world of the Cthulhu Islands.
  • 4.62
  • 1961
  • 15.4M
A story about a little summoner girl that accidentally summons a shark from another world as her pet that has all of the powers seen in shark movies in the modern world.
  • 4.2
  • 49
  • 525.3K
It's the translation of Shueisha's officially colored version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.
  • 4.56
  • 618
  • 6.6M
When a swarm of giant bugs threatens to wipe out humanity, the world's only defense is a group of humans with special abilities called Butterflies. For Maehwa Baek, Butterflies are just heroic people he sees on TV until a tragic event brings him to the scientists that created them. Soon, Maehwa must confront questions about himself that he has long avoided: why does he lose control at the sight of his own blood? And what happened during the 13 years of his life that he can't remember?
  • 4.47
  • 68
  • 303.1K
Ura baito, also known as a shady part-time job. A gray area job that pays very well. The price you pay is your life. Yume Kokuryo and Nagomi Shirahama are seeking a large sum of money for some reason. To that end, they casually dive into various shady part-time jobs. This work may affect you physically and mentally. Read it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to your health.
  • 3.38
  • 160
  • 2.6M
With the arrival of a mysterious pair of “Teeth”, the chosen “Human Vampire” was born. After wrongfully killing his biological mother, he was beheaded by his own father, a Punisher. When it seemed like things have come to an end, the cold and wretched nightmares of this world had only just began…
  • 2.96
  • 323
  • 6.8M
When he woke up, the world completely changed. The end of the world arrived.  The rich, famous and high ranks in the previous world lost their status. In this violent world, a canned food can be exchanged for a former world-renowned female celebrity.