Expressionless Kashiwada-San And Emotional Oota-Kun
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  • Expressionless Face Girl and Emotional Face Boy ; Expressionless Kashiwada-san and Emotional Oota-kun ; Kao ni denai Kashiwada-san to Kao ni deru Ota-kun ; 顔に出ない柏田さんと顔に出る太田君 ; 얼굴에 드러나지 않는 카시와다 양과 얼굴에 드러나는 오오타 군
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  • 5.8M
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Meet Kashiwada-san, a female middle-school student, who remains emotionless regardless of how she is meddled with.And Oota-kun, unable to control his facial expressions, is the complete opposite of Kashiwada-sanbut he keeps messing with her, against his better judgment?!Though the two of them are the exact opposite, will a mutual love eventually develop between them?
Jul 23,23
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