The Flag Bearer Warrior
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  • Warrior of the Darts and Flags ; 鏢旗武士 ; 표기무사
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Not a single thing existed from the beginning of this world.In order to fulfill the dying wish of his father who looked up to a Low-Rank Workman all his life without knowing anything, Jin Myeong wants to become a Low-Rank Workman as well.Jin Myeong wanted to make everyone look up to his father's dream, so he vowed to bring a remarkable change to the ordinary Low-Rank Workman position that "The one who holds the escort bureau flag, I will make it a position that only the best warriors can occupy."All he has is a pair of mysterious shoes, a mysterious stick, and ambition. This is the epic story of Jin Myeong who does not give up and continues to train despite his low status as a Low-Rank Workman, in order to rise in Gangho as The Flag-Bearer Warrior'.
Aug 12,23
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