Monmusugo! 〜Living In Another World With The Strongest Monster Girls With Translation Skills〜
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  • モンむすご! ; モンむすご!〜翻訳スキルで最強モン娘と異世界生活〜 ; MONMUSUGO! ; MONMUSUGO! ~Hon'yaku Sukiru de Saikyō Monmusume to Isekai Seikatsu~ ; MONMUSUGO! ~Honnyaku Skill de Saikyou Monmusume to Isekai Seikatsu~
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  • 2.8M
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Amakawa Keisuke, a hapless corporate slave who suddenly dies, wakes up in a different world! He tries his best to enjoy life in another world, but he has only been given the bottom-tier skill "Translation" and on top of that, the most powerful monster was in front of him...!
Jul 13,23
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