Ippai Tabete Mo Ii Desu Yo
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  • いっぱい食べてもいいですよ
  • 3.5
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It's difficult to call the salaryman Izakura a "full-fledged" employee as he has a somewhat unusual fetish. Because of this, he finds it a bit challenging to dine with others.One day, by chance, he stumbles upon his boss, Asumi, a far cry from a connoisseur of B-class gourmet, devouring an extra-large bowl of ramen at a restaurant near the office! Witnessing his boss's voracious appetite, Izakura's fetish is triggered...Izakura, who wants to watch Asumi eat, and Asumi, the boss who loves to eat, find themselves in a situation where supply meets demand.This is a unique story of a subordinate with a peculiar fetish and a competent boss with an insatiable appetite, featuring a bond over meals in the world of BL!
Nov 20,23
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Nov 20,23
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