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  • 天生媚骨的我被病娇徒儿盯上了 ; Tiansheng Meigu De Wo Bei Bing Jiao Tu Er Ding Shangle
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After losing all magical powers, Bing Yuanzi was caught by a female disciple with ulterior motives. Witnessing a disciple she had painstakingly raised harboring malicious intentions, the master drank the last vial of a transformative potion, intending to erase her own existence. Unexpectedly, instead of disappearing, she became the legendary natural beauty, with allure and beauty reaching maximum levels. At the same time, the next words from her female disciple sounded behind her: “Master, you wouldn’t want your loss of magical powers to be known by our enemies, would you?
Nov 21,23
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Nov 21,23
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