This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Life Dive summary:

When I was young and reckless, my soul inadvertently crossed into another person, unintentionally altering the course of the world. Thus, I swore never to use my supernatural abilities again. However, in order to save the life of my critically ill younger sister, I had to break that vow. I used my powers on the nurse, Jinzhi, who was taking care of my sister, and crossed over to Jinzhi's childhood to play her role and experience her life. Through this, I discovered that beneath Jinzhi's gentle and elegant facade, there lay dark and mysterious secrets...
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 11 1.1K Jun 16,24
Chapter 10 1.9K May 29,24
Chapter 9 1.2K May 29,24
Chapter 8 2.8K May 29,24
Chapter 7 3.1K May 12,24
Chapter 6 2.4K May 12,24
Chapter 5 2.2K May 12,24
Chapter 4 2.5K May 12,24
Chapter 3 3K May 12,24
Chapter 2 3.6K May 12,24
Chapter 1 5.8K May 12,24
Chapter 0 4K May 12,24
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