This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Murim Salon summary:

In the Immortal Realm, Jinyul was renowned as the Beauty Immortal, leading fashion trends and styles as the personal barber of the Jade Emperor. However, he, who was (literally) intoxicated by his high status, behaved recklessly and caused a major accident, completely shaving off the Jade Emperor’s hair. Enraged, the Jade Emperor banished him to the Mortal Realm. After falling into the Mortal Realm, Jinyul planned to regain his prowess and return to the Immortal Realm once again. But the moment he landed, things started going awry! Can Jinyul regain his status and return to his rightful place in the Immortal Realm?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 8 4.2K Jun 14,24
Chapter 7 2.5K Jun 14,24
Chapter 6 2.2K Jun 15,24
Chapter 5 2K Jun 15,24
Chapter 4 2K Jun 15,24
Chapter 3 2.8K Jun 14,24
Chapter 2 3.8K Jun 14,24
Chapter 1 7.8K Jun 14,24
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